How To Identify Your Zapper's Positive Output

Test Zapper's (+) Positive Output When setting up a Plate-Zapper one needs to be absolutely certain that the zapper's positive terminal is hooked up to the plate. On Frequency Generation brand Hulda Clark Zappers, the positive terminal is red, and the negative is black. If you have a homemade zapper or other brand, it is suggested to check your zapper before you turn it into a Plate-Zapper with this simple test:
Radio Shack sells an affordable 17-Range Multimeter (Radio Shack #22-109) that will work as a Volt Meter so that you can test your zapper's positive and negative terminals. The Multimeter has two probes, one red and one black. Simply turn the Multimeter's dial somewhere around DCV 10 or 15 and put one probe in one of the zappers female banana plugs, and the other probe in the other hole. Turn the zapper on. If the meter registers positive current, where the red probe is inserted is the positive terminal. If the meter registers negative, the probes are inserted wrong, so switch the probes to get a positive reading on the Multimeter. Once you read a positive charge in the meter, you know the red probe is in the positive plug of your zapper. This positive terminal is the plug you attach to the plate.
Positive Reading
Needle is ABOVE zero
Positive Reading
a positive reading will go above zero
Here we are testing a Mini Zapper, that already has it's banana plugs marked red for positive, and black for negative. When the probes are inserted into the terminals, the meter will respond with a positive or negative reading. If negative, switch probes. Once one registers a positive reading, you know that the red probe is in the positive terminal. Plug the positive terminal to the plate when setting up a Plate-Zapper. Above is a positive reading, below a negative. This test is easy but very necessary.
Negative Reading
Needle reads BELOW zero
Negative Reading
a negative reading will go below zero

Plate Zapper set up instructions: In Series / In Parallel

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