Setting up a Hulda Clark Plate Zapper: In Parallel

Dr. Hulda Clark updated her original design for the Zap Plate in 2004. The original Zap Plate in earlier books was connected In Series. Now the set up has been found to be more efficient connected In Parallel. The Frequency Generation Hulda Clark Zap Plate can be connected in either way.

Below one will find step by step instructions how to set up a Hulda Clark Zap Plate in Parallel. It's a bit more complex than the In Series set up, so let's take it one step at a time to not create any confusion.

Hulda Clark Zap Plate

To power a Zap Plate, one needs a 30 kHz Hulda Clark Zapper with copper handles and leads, which is sold separately from the Zap Plate. Ordering information is below for both the Zap Plate and Zapper.

In the photo above, you see all that comes with a Zap Plate. The double zap plate box, two short banana leads, two long banana leads,an  alligator clip, and set up instructions.

How to set up a Frequency Generation brand Zap Plate: In Parallel

The first step is to connect the two short banana leads together. These banana plugs are "stacking" banana plugs, so you simply plug one into the other making a V shaped lead as in the photo.

Stack 2 short leads into a V shape

Close Up of Stacking Leads

2 stacked plugs into 1 port

Now simply take the two short leads that you just stacked together, and plug them into the RED POSITIVE (+) output on your Hulda Clark Zapper (sold separately).

If you are not sure which output on your zapper is positive, test your zapper's positive output, or take it to a TV repair shop, and have them test which output is Positive (+) and which is Ground (-).

Now plug the two loose ends of the short leads into the Zap Plate on one side. At this step, your set up should look like the photo to the right. Connect Zapper to Zap Plate

Connect 2 long leads into another V

Now grab the remaining two long leads that came with the Zap Plate.

Connect the two long banana leads together. Just stack one into the other.

Take the two loose ends of the long leads, and push them into the two empty ports on the other side of the Zap Plate.

Now stretch out the long leads, and hold the end where they are connected. Pull it slightly toward you into a "V" shape. The point of the "V" is where we will connect the alligator clip over the banana plug.

The 30 kHz Zapper (sold separately) comes with two copper pipe handles. Wrap them both in damp paper towel.

Connect the two long leads and alligator clip.

The black lead goes where it always does, just plug it into the black GROUND (-) plug found on your Hulda Clark Zapper.

At this point you would have already wrapped damp paper towel around your copper handles, and connected them to the two alligator clips.

Black ground lead plugs direct to zapper

Parallel Hulda Clark Zap Plate

When you are all set up, here is a photo of what you should have. It looks a bit crazy, so that's why we put up this page to help clear up any confusion. You are simply splitting the zapper's positive output to each zap plate, and then it comes back together at the positive handle connection.

The grounded handle is connected direct to the zapper as usual.

For more information on experimenting with a Hulda Clark Zap Plate and Zapper, be sure to read Dr. Clark's latest books, available at:

The Clark Zapper is not intended for use in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease; not intended to affect the structure of any function of the body; not intended for medical or therapeutic purpose. The Zapper has not been evaluated or licensed as a medical device by the US FDA. Dr. Clark states to not experiment with a Zapper if pregnant or wearing a pace maker. All information is for educational purposes only. Talk with a health professional before attempting any self health program.

To set up a Hulda Clark Plate Zapper you will need, a 30 kHz Zapper and a Zap Plate. The Frequency Generation brand Zap Plate can be set up either In Series or Parallel depending on the book you are using to guide your experiments. Zapper and Zap Plate are sold separately below:

Hulda Clark Zapper comes with two copper handles, two banana-alligator leads, one 9 volt battery, and set up instructions.

Zap Plate comes with two short banana leads, two long banana leads, alligator clip, and set up instructions.

Zapper and Zap Plate sold separately

The Zap Plate (in parallel) instruction check list. Use this list to double check that you are set up correctly:

  1. The first step is to take the 2 short leads, and stack them together, making a V shaped lead.
  2. The stacked ends push into the red (+) positive output on your Frequency Generation brand Zapper. (If you have a homemade or different brand zapper be sure to test your zapper's positive output).
  3. Then connect the two remaining loose ends to two ports on one side of the Zap Plate.
  4. Now grab the two long leads, and stack them into another V shaped lead.
  5. Plug the 2 loose ends into the remaining ports on the other side of the Zap Plate.
  6. Pull the long leads out until they look like a V, and at the point of the V, where the two plugs are stacked together, connect the alligator clip (included with Zap Plate).
  7. Connect the black lead as usual to the Zapper.
  8. Set a Dual Frequency Zapper to the 30 kHz setting.
  9. Before use, wrap a thin layer of damp paper towel around the two copper handles, and connect one to each alligator clip.

Original Plate Zapper (In Series) Set Up Instructions

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